The Research Institute of Steel was established in 1942 as an organization for the development of tank armor. Today, JSC "Research Institute of Steel– is the main enterprise in Russia for materials and structures for the protection of weapons and military equipment of the ground forces, is developing complexes of armor, dynamic, electromagnetic, anti-radiation protection, protection against high-precision weapons by means of reducing visibility. The Institute creates new armor and composite materials, produces a wide range of personal armor protection equipment. The products of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" are supplied to many foreign countries.

The Institute pays great attention to scientific research in the field of new armor materials and protection technologies.

Ultra-high-strength armor steels and composites based on ceramics and high-modulus polyethylene, aluminum and titanium armor, materials that protect against ionizing radiation and flame retardant materials - these are just a small list of materials science problems that the Steel Research Institute is working on today. Dynamic protection technologies of the next generations, new technologies for reducing visibility, as well as protection technologies using new physical principles are also in the priority of the institute's developments

This is what allows JSC "Research Institute of Steel" to move forward and create competitive products for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies of the country.

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