Information collection No.135


(January 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Israeli KAZ "Iron Fist" began to fight with sub-caliber shells
    2. The new Russian active protection complex "Drozd-2" will be tested on the T-72BK
    3. The first in the world: the BMP-3 with the "Arena" was decades ahead of its competitors
    4. "Altai" continues to slip
    5. Turkish tank "Altai": investments in corruption brought 4.4 billion
    6. Leopard tanks remain in limbo
    7. In Poland, they declared Germany's fault in disrupting the modernization of Leopard-2A4 tanks
    8. Poland can create a tank of the future with Koreans
    9. Poland plans to announce a tender for new tanks
    10. The Polish Army received the first batch of upgraded BRMS. Will the following be upgraded?
    11. Portugal's military forces intend to modernize the Leopard-2A6 MBT
    12. The US Army received the first brigade of new M1A2C Abrams
    13. A new Concept for the development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the next fifteen years:
    14. Armata – problems 2020
    15. Where did Armata and Kurganets move to
    16. "Object 490" from the point of view of protection
    17. China is ahead of Russia in the production and export of weapons
    18. How strong are the Egyptian ground forces?
    19. The next program of the US Army to replace the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle will be reviewed
    20. M2 Bradley BMP with hydropneumatic suspension
    21. The German army increases the indicator of readiness for war
    22. The Bundeswehr announced the deplorable state of the latest Puma infantry fighting vehicles
    23. Data on losses of armored vehicles of the Syrian army
    24. Statistics of armored vehicles losses in the east of Ukraine
    25. The return of light tanks? In the USA, pictures of the new MPF combat vehicle were shown
  2. Detection tools. Disguise
    1. Pakistani tanks will become invisible to thermal imaging sights
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. From "Mango" to "Lead". Shells in series and in warehouses
    2. Tank "Patterns" of the Russian army
    3. The Ministry of Defense will purchase the latest ammunition
    4. The Israeli company IMI Systems will supply 120 mm tank ammunition to the Finnish Armed Forces
    5. India puts the production of Russian ammunition on the conveyor
    6. BAE Systems is testing the SPIKE-LR ATGM installed on the CV90 BMP
    7. The US military will acquire Israeli Spike NLOS complexes for installation on helicopters
    8. The newest projectile for the Epoch combat module will penetrate the armor of the Bradley and Puma
    9. Intermediate cartridge 5.56x45 mm against rifle 7.62x51 mm
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. The Russian Army in 2019 received 18 thousand sets of "Warrior"
    2. The US Army buys helmets from ArmorSource LLC
    3. New weapons and equipment for the US Army
    4. The US Navy bought Chinese equipment under the guise of American
    5. In India, tests of a composite bulletproof vest that can withstand a hit from an AK-47 have been completed
  5. New materials and technologies
    1. The American army will warm its hands with electricity without gloves
    2. Fighters on genetic doping. New DARPA Project
    3. US Army introduces welding automation for next-generation combat vehicles
    4. The Israelis announced the development of a universal combat laser module
    5. Russia will complete the development of laser weapons in 2020

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