Information collection No.136


(February 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. What's going on with the Armata tank?
    2. Deliveries of new Armata tanks to the troops will begin in 2020
    3. The reality of the day: T-90M instead of "Armata"
    4. T-90M: tests passed, service is coming soon
    5. The Ministry of Defense has decided on plans for the development of tank troops. There will be about 900 truly modern tanks by 2027
    6. An appointment with many unknowns. Who will become the new CEO of Uralvagonzavod
    7. Modernization of MBT M1 Abrams in fiscal years 2019-2020: works and plans
    8. The Israeli army intends to say goodbye to the Merkava Mark III tank
    9. Ukrainian tank upgrades: opinion
    10. How Ukraine Upgraded its T-64BM Bulat Tanks to Stop Russia
    11. Turkey threw tanks into battle without additional protection
    12. The armored personnel carrier "Eitan" goes into series
    13. Israeli armored personnel carrier "Ahzarit" from Soviet tanks
    14. The second life of the T-72
    15. The United States wanted a new combat vehicle for one and a half of the budget of the Russian Defense Ministry
    16. BMP "Bradley": the third attempt to replace?
    17. American infantry fighting vehicles were unable to carry a complex of active protection
    18. "Barys" and "Arlan" on the firing line. Photo report
    19. PT Pindad company has started serial production of Kaplan MT medium tanks for the Indonesian Armed Forces
    20. The Russian Ground forces will receive a BMP-3 with an uninhabited combat module "Epoch"
    21. Results of the "tank" conference "International Armored Vehicles 2020"
    22. The state and prospects of development of armored vehicles in Asia
    23. India has received an extension of the license for the production of T-90 tanks
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Indian advanced portable ATGM Amogha-III
    2. India urgently received 240 Israeli Spike LR ATGMs
    3. Spike ATGM Export News
    4. Russia has presented a new universal combat module
    5. What did the Defexpo India 2020 arms exhibition bring to Russia
    6. The Blade of Light laser went on field tests on the border with Gaza
  3. Robotics
    1. In Russia, the development of two new combat robots has begun
    2. The Ministry of the Armed Forces of France buys Israeli ground robots Probot
  4. New materials and technologies
    1. To protect spacecraft from radiation, it is proposed to use polymers saturated with particles of metal oxides — rust.
    2. Space materials hold the punch
    3. Chubais spoke about the "revolution" in the production of graphene nanotubes in Russia

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