Information collection No.137


(March 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. 15 years before the replacement of Leopard and Leclerc tanks
    2. Arjun: working on bugs
    3. In Germany, the assembly of Leopard tanks for the Hungarian Armed Forces has begun
    4. Hungarian tankers will transfer from T-72 to German Leopards
    5. The United States has launched a program to oust Soviet (Russian) weapons from NATO countries
    6. Warsaw is looking for ways to "decommunize" its tank fleet
    7. American tanks can bring down Polish bridges when they go into battle with Russia
    8. Polish modernization of the Leopard-2A5 tank at the MSPO 2019 exhibition
    9. The US Army has formed the first brigade of the new M1A2C Abrams
    10. Turkish program "Tank-2000" and tank Altay
    11. The Turkish military received the first batch of medium Kaplan tanks
    12. M60T tanks with KAZ "Pulat"
    13. "Stryker" remains without active protection
    14. The world's first tests of a prototype of active protection
    15. Major General on the prospects of modernization and development of the British Army
    16. Legacy of the NGP program: embedded and forgotten ideas
    17. The US Marine Corps will remain without "Abrams"
    18. New attempts to modernize the Bradley BMP
    19. CV90 BMP manufactured by BAE in the service of the armies of seven countries
    20. Infantry fighting vehicles for the Marine Corps
    21. Polish bridges are important for Bradley's successor
    22. Namer APC is the heaviest armored personnel carrier in the world
    23. US arms exports are growing, Russian arms exports are falling
    24. M-80A. Modernization of the BMP in Serbian
  2. Means of intelligence. Disguise
    1. Fire-fighting camouflage in ground operations
    2. Hide behind the smoke. New technologies for RCBZ troops
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Does the tank need a 152 mm cannon?
    2. BAE Systems will supply additional ammunition BONUS to the United States
    3. New shells are being created for Russian self-propelled guns
    4. "Cornet-EM": thunderstorm is not only for tanks
    5. Development of the Polish Pirat ATGM based on the Ukrainian complex "Corsair"
    6. New American missiles tested on Russian tanks
    7. A sad sight
    8. XM1158: new 7.62 caliber armor-piercing cartridge
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. American helmets can get an improved podtuley device
    2. The PLA ground forces intend to purchase a large batch of bulletproof vests
    3. The new explosion-proof suit will enter service with the Russian Guard
    4. Will technology save the European soldier?
    5. Meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the development of technical requirements for military equipment
  5. New materials and technologies
    1. Lightweight ceramic armor
    2. Energy-absorbing landing seat BMP Ajax
    3. Explosives are made on 3D printers
    4. Perm has learned how to get stronger steel for space

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