Information collection No.138


(April 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Analysis of the armored vehicle market for 2019 and assessment of its prospects
    2. Current and future work on the modernization of M1 Abrams tanks
    3. The German Parliament approved the next stage of the development of the MGCS tank
    4. France and Germany signed an agreement on a new MGCS (Main Ground Combat System) tank
    5. Polish Leopard 2PL tank: the main competitor of the Russian T-90M is delayed
    6. Where the Armata stalled
    7. Rescheduled again
    8. Brazil chooses a new main battle tank. Maximum weight 50 tons
    9. General Dynamics has developed a new light tank
    10. The first public demonstration of combat vehicles under the American MPF program
    11. Tank competition between Pakistan and India
    12. The first Chinese VT4 tanks for Pakistan
    13. New DZ on the Chinese VT-4 tank
    14. Nigeria received the latest Chinese VT4 tanks (MBT-3000)
    15. The West is trying to catch up with Russia on tanks.
    16. The American military about a promising BMP. The most important is survival
    17. US Army Restarts Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle OMFV Program
    18. Bradley's successor is being created for the War in Europe
    19. The United States has signed the impossibility of obtaining the desired replacement for Bradley
    20. The MMWT tank went into series. Turkey is mastering, Indonesia is waiting
    21. KAZ "PULAT" and "Zaslon-L" - where is the truth.
    22. The War of Steel Sandwiches
    23. Pakistan has purchased 282 upgraded T-55 tanks from Serbia
    24. Ukrainian T-62 with 120 mm cannon: why the "best" modernization is forgotten"
    25. T-72AMT: modernization in Ukrainian
    26. Kazakhstan has shown a new version of the T-72 tank, which surpasses the Russian one
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. The Chinese Javelin clone has been exported
    2. Poland plans to purchase 150,000 RPGs. Czech RPG-75 has a chance
    3. ATGM Enforcer for the Bundeswehr
    4. The Russian Guard will adopt the SR2MP submachine gun
    5. Russia has developed a 9 mm cartridge for the Boa Constrictor
    6. Rostec has developed an armor-piercing cartridge for unobtrusive shooting
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. A modern soldier. Development of surveillance and protection equipment
    2. A modern soldier. Technical progress to help light infantry
    3. The Polish Defense Ministry has placed a tender for the purchase of thousands of sets of "tropical" and "desert" camouflage
  4. Robotics
    1. The first use of a "swarm of drones" by Turkey in Syria
    2. Since the USA is developing a micro-UAV launched from a grenade launcher
    3. GLUAS unmanned aerial vehicle, fired from a 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher
    4. Milanion company (UAE) demonstrates the AGEMA drone
    5. Ground-based robotic systems at IMEX-2020
    6. Multi-purpose Chinese unmanned ground Vehicle Mule-200 at UMEX-2020
    7. Ukraine has created a police robot with a grid gun to fight the aggressors
    8. Estonia has started developing a combat robot
    9. Estonian company Milram Robotics is developing an unmanned combat vehicle
  5. New materials and technologies
    1. 3D printing of steel parts at the forefront of U.S. Army modernization
    2. Fire-resistant lithium batteries for military equipment have been successfully tested by Epsilon

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