Information collection No.142


(August 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. "Abrams" to counteract the "Armata" seriously increased armor
    2. Iranians go their own way
    3. What will be the 4th generation Chinese tank?
    4. What will be the combat vehicles of the future: the concepts of three NGCV vehicles were shown in the USA
    5. "Object 195" and "Object 640": what did the T-14 Armata tank get from unrealized projects
    6. What was the reason for the next delay in the long-suffering program of replacing the M113 armored personnel carrier of the US Army?
    7. KAZ "Afganit" of the T-14 Armata tank has high efficiency against American TOW and Javelin ATGMS
    8. Russia has announced the replacement of the T-14 Armata tank
    9. The return of the T-80: why the Russian Defense Ministry needed a breakthrough weapon
    10. Indian T-90S tank vs Chinese Type 15 light Tank
    11. Japan's "light" main battle tank
    12. Hungary and Rheinmetall have agreed on the production of a new Lynx BMP
    13. Hungarian Army buys German Lynx Infantry fighting vehicles
    14. Canada launches production of new combat vehicles
    15. Infantry fighting vehicles will receive new protection and a powerful laser
    16. "Modernization of the BMP-1 is justified, it is impossible to abandon buoyancy"
    17. The Russian Federation will not export armored vehicles on the Kurganets platform yet
    18. Experts were puzzled by the absence of the newest Kurganets-25 BMP at Army 2020
    19. Protection for Ladoga
    20. Turkish military will receive a new floating APC in 2022
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Prospects for the development of ATGM: hypersound or homing?
    2. Ways of development and modernization of RPG-7
    3. Overview of light RPGs
    4. Development of depleted uranium tank shells
    5. Large caliber: Europeans challenge Russian tank based on "Armata"
    6. Tests of the Rheinmetall 130 mm tank gun
    7. Armament of promising tanks: cannon or missiles?
    8. The market for high-precision ammunition is at the stage of development
    9. The development of laser weapons of directed energy is the main priority of the US armed forces
    10. The US Army is ready to adopt two types of laser weapons by 2022
    11. Stryker combat vehicles will receive laser weapons in 2022
    12. Testing of a new Ukrainian-Polish high-precision ammunition
    13. Ukrainian view on the development of ATGM
    14. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense received a batch of Javelin ATGM
    15. Saab will supply the US Armed Forces with disposable AT4 grenade launchers and ammunition for Karl Gustav grenade launchers
    16. Test results of the Hermes complex
    17. Electroshock bullet for the USMC
    18. The new assault grenade launcher complex "Mix": goes out for testing
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Equipment: uniforms and equipment
    2. In the West, they are discussing the promising possibilities of the Russian equipment "Sotnik"
    3. A semi-active exoskeleton is demonstrated by TSNIITOCHMASH at the Army 2020 Forum

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