Information collection No.144


(October 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Decline of tanks: some states are thinking of abandoning them because of cheaper weapons that can destroy them
    2. What tanks do the Russian army need in modern warfare
    3. Tanks in the Karabakh conflict
    4. New Chinese MBT: rumors and reality
    5. Export successes of the VT-4 tank (China)
    6. The budget for the development of a new "European" MGCS tank in 2021 will be 200 million euros
    7. Strengthening the protection of "Leopard-2", Turkish processing of experience
    8. How the Israeli Merkava tanks were upgraded
    9. Polish version of the K2 Black Panther tank
    10. Vietnam estimated the cost of the T-90
    11. The state and prospects of the Czech tank Fleet
    12. North Korea has shown a promising main battle tank
    13. Necessary-unnecessary "Terminator"
    14. In the same formation with tanks
    15. The US Army will test prototypes of light tanks
    16. Very and not very infantry fighting vehicles
    17. Can the new Lynx BMP change the balance of power in the arms market
    18. The Polish BMP "Badger" went to the test
    19. Exports of Russian BMP-3 exceeded 1000 units
    20. What do the tracked BMP "Manul" and the wheeled "Boomerang" have in common
    21. BAE Systems and Elbit have teamed up to participate in the Bradley successor development program
    22. Twelve companies in the race to modernize the BMP-1
    23. FFG Genesis wheeled armored vehicle with hybrid powerplant
    24. Combat "electric" armored vehicle M113 (E-ZMA)
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. European experts have assessed the potential of powerful electromagnetic ammunition
    2. The US Department of Defense on the prospects of hypersonic weapons
    3. The achievements of the past for the cannon of the future: the SLRC project and its predecessors
    4. They tried to destroy the shells for the Ukrainian secret tank "Nota": who needed it?
    5. Development of infrared homing heads in Ukraine
    6. "Smart" grenade launchers against drones
    7. Modular shooting systems – a new word in the development and production of weapons
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. What will the soldier of the future look like according to the Ukrainian Army
    2. Promising military equipment for military personnel
    3. "Women's" bulletproof vests in the US Army
    4. Maxim Skokov: several exoskeletons are being created for the Russian army
    5. Exoskeleton "Shield"
    6. In Russia, tests of a combat exoskeleton were shown
  4. New materials and technologies
    1. The engines will go like a carbon copy
    2. Podolsk has developed a "smart" target complex

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