Information collection No.146


(January 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. DATABASE on export/import of tanks in the period 2000-2023
    2. The American army is transplanted to the updated "Abrams"
    3. The Black Panther is limping again: the South Korean army is disappointed with its own transmission manufacturer for the new K2 tank and is looking for a replacement
    4. Azerbaijan acquires a "Black Panther"?.. And there to the "Altai" at hand
    5. In Korea, they explained why they want to "simplify" the K2 Black Panther tank
    6. Leopard 2A4 tanks will receive turrets from the newest Altay in Turkey
    7. Leopard 2A7 tanks with an active protection complex will become even heavier
    8. The modernization of the M60T tank has been completed
    9. Destroyed Turkish M60T Firat
    10. Altay tanks can remain only in the format of demonstration copies: Turkey accused Germany of breaking the contract
    11. Ukraine has proposed to modernize Brazilian M60A3 tanks
    12. "Crab" and "Bastion": the timing of deep upgrades of the T-64 and "Bulwark" tanks for the APU has been named
    13. Future tanks for the APU
    14. The prototype of the new Crab tank was criticized in Ukraine
    15. The Russian military assesses the interaction between tanks and BMPT fire support vehicles
    16. In the USA, the Russian "Terminator" was recognized as unnecessary
    17. The military revealed the shortcomings of the Terminator BMPT in the Caucasus 2020
    18. Tests of MPF light amphibious tanks begin
    19. VAE Systems combat vehicle for the American Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) program
    20. New terms of the Bradley replacement tender offer flexibility for foreign participation
    21. In the USA, they are preparing to test the Stryker armored personnel carrier with combat laser installations
    22. Under a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, MIC will develop 4 new models of the Strela light armored car in 2021
    23. State tests of the armored car "Athlete" will be completed in the summer of 2021
    24. The Chinese clone of the Soviet T-54 was changed beyond recognition
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Bundeswehr signed a framework contract with Rheinmetall for the supply of tank ammunition
    2. High-precision ammunition - global market and technology forecast until 2029
    3. A powerful enemy of drones: Boeing has upgraded its compact combat laser CLWS
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Rheinmetall will supply the German army with a new helmet
    2. Eight thousand HP-05 helmets for the Polish Armed Forces
    3. The Russian Armed Forces received almost 300,000 sets of military equipment "Ratnik"
    4. "Development does not stop." Military expert on the "Warrior" kit
    5. Rostec announced plans to start work on new combat equipment for the Russian Defense Ministry in 2021
    6. Work on the exoskeleton for the new combat equipment continues
    7. The border troops of the Chinese army in Tibet received an exoskeleton
  4. New materials and technologies
    1. The US Army and Hanwha from South Korea will jointly research projects and exchange technologies
    2. The US Marine Corps opens a futuristic training ground with robot targets

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