Information collection No.148


(February 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Lockheed Martin is developing a new protection system for US armored vehicles
    2. German Leopard-2 tanks will receive the Israeli Trophy Active Protection Complex
    3. Forecast of the global market of active and passive protection systems until 2028
    4. Active protection for Dutch infantry fighting vehicles
    5. Elbit exports KAZ Iron Fist and COAPS system to the Netherlands
    6. The Israelis have upgraded the Trophy active defense system
    7. Altai tank armor design
    8. The most modern tank in Russia: T-14 Armata
    9. The Ministry of Defense announced the timing of the first deliveries of vehicles to the troops on the basis of "Armata"
    10. T-14 Armata for India
    11. The Unkillable T-90
    12. Plans for the supply of armored vehicles to the Russian Ground Forces in 2021
    13. Interim results of the production of T-90M "Breakthrough" tanks
    14. "The plant named after. Malysheva" finally received an order for "Oplot", but only for one - for the parade and exhibitions
    15. "Oplot-T" vs VT4: comparative shooting was conducted in Thailand
    16. The first upgraded Arjun Mk-1A tank entered the army
    17. "Tanks are irreplaceable on the battlefield." Interview with General Ya.Mika about plans for 2021 and the tasks of modernization of the Polish army
    18. Tank of the Time of Troubles
    19. IDEX-2021. Ukroboronprom has received a contract for the support of Pakistani T-80 tanks for $ 86 million.
    20. The fourth country chose the ASCOD crawler platform
    21. New version of the Ajax BM family
    22. "Boomerang" vs BTR-4: comparison with all the consequences
    23. Floating BTR-4EM for the Ukrainian Marine Corps
    24. IDEX 2021. The Ukrainian company presented its amphibious armored personnel carrier on a tracked chassis at the exhibition
    25. HCBM was given the task to develop a new armored personnel carrier
    26. IDEX-2021. New Iveco SuperAV Land armored personnel carrier
  2. Means of intelligence. Disguise
    1. Russian problems of thermal imaging
    2. Thermal imaging matrices for tanks and missiles must be made by ourselves: an ambitious project of the Ministry of Defense and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    3. Russian-made thermal imaging matrices for military equipment
    4. Germany shows new sensors for the tank of the future
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Technodinamika will demonstrate new armor-piercing sub-caliber projectiles for the first time at IDEX 2021
    2. New guided bombs and new opportunities for the VKS
    3. Five promising new products for the US military
  4. Robots, UAVs and means of combating them
    1. The US Army is testing the capabilities of unmanned mini-tanks
    2. Artificial intelligence in the Russian army: catching up with the departing train
    3. The robot "Udar" continues testing
    4. Robotic BMP-3 made friends with drones
    5. Russia is developing a ground robot based on the BMP-3: work has been going on since 2015
    6. Iranian drones.
    7. IDEX 2021. The debut of the new Ukrainian combat UAV "Sokol-300"
    8. Drones are gaining altitude. And weight
    9. Rosoboronexport presented a new UAV counteraction system at IDEX 2021
    10. Russia is creating an anti-tank complex capable of shooting down drones
  5. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. The Ministry of Defense showed tests of new army equipment with electric heating
    2. Russia has developed a bulletproof vest with a self-release function
    3. Engineering and sapper units have received a new generation of personal protective equipment
    4. Components and technologies for Sotnik
    5. Russia says Its new armor kit will stop a 12.7mm bullet
  6. New materials and technologies
    1. A new brand of armored steel being developed in Russia will increase the profitability of equipment
    2. Ballistic protection and armored solutions for cars, offices from TENEXIUM

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