Information collection No.149


(March 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. The hype around the T-14 Armata tank subsides
    2. "Burlak" against "Armata".
    3. Prospects for the development of tanks
    4. Problems of Russian tank building.
    5. New generation Ukrainian tanks (part 1)
    6. Ukrainian tanks of the new generation (part 2, 3)
    7. Ukrainian tanks of the new generation (part 4) "Hammer", "Note" and other secrets
    8. Catch up and overtake competitors
    9. Chinese VT-4 tank detailed analysis
    10. Pakistan boasted of Chinese tanks
    11. The US army is heading to Europe, but the "bottlenecks" of the infrastructure prevent the Russian aggression from being contained
    12. Leclerc tanks in Estonia: France and Great Britain have transferred additional forces to the Baltic States
    13. Wolf program: Americans offer Abrams tanks to Polish Army
    14. Lockheed Martin will supply the US Military SAZ MAPS for testing
    15. Israeli KAZ Trophy for German Leopard 2A7A1 tanks
    16. Arena-E completes tests
    17. BAE Systems vs. GD: Two light tank prototypes fight for the future of US Army firepower
    18. Applicants for infantry fighting vehicles for Australia have been announced
    19. BMP Redback for Australia is integrated with KAZ and ATGM Spike
    20. Slovakia buys infantry fighting vehicles and tanks
    21. Kestrel vs "Boomerang": what is the Indian BMP inferior to the Russian
    22. Planned delivery of Stryker armored personnel carriers to Northern Macedonia
    23. Rafael and ALLTEK signed a joint agreement
    24. Serbia sold its Lazar 3 armored personnel carriers abroad for the first time: Turkmenistan will replace Soviet cars with them
    25. "Polish" BMP-1s are finally entering the Ukrainian army
    26. Analysis of military losses in Nagorno-Karabakh: how $20 million destroyed $1 billion
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Nexter is developing a shell for Abrams and Leclerc tanks: what the Kremlin is preparing in response
    2. State tests of "smart" shells for "Terminator" will begin in April
    3. Israel tested high-precision mortar ammunition with laser guidance and GPS
    4. China announced the development of a new ATGM
    5. A new generation of RPG
    6. The main directions of development of anti-tank missile systems in the Russian Federation
    7. In Ukraine, they are going to produce guided projectiles of 155 mm caliber
    8. The price of fire from a 152 mm self-propelled gun
    9. The US is working on weapons to quickly destroy the invasion of Russian tanks
    10. Development of high-precision ammunition in Poland: new competencies and export opportunities
    11. Indian military ordered almost 5,000 anti-tank missiles
    12. The Estonian military will receive grenade launchers with a laser guidance system
    13. How to protect armored vehicles from long-range air-based ATGMs
  3. Robots. UAVs and means of combating them
    1. THeMIS unmanned platform will be able to fight UAVs and barrage ammunition
    2. American "kamikaze drones" have been exported
    3. Japan assessed the capabilities of Russian "kamikaze drones"
    4. "Thunder" and "Lightning". The new drone will be armed with missiles
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. BMP Puma has made friends with the "equipment of the future"
  5. New materials and technologies
    1. The USA creates the most powerful laser in the world
    2. Virtual reality (VR) technology begins to be used by the Chinese army

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