Information collection No.150


(April 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Report on new protection complexes of Raphael Company, Israel
    2. The British Army has determined the fate of its tanks
    3. The plight of British mechanized units
    4. France blocks UK participation in Eurobank program
    5. The Indian Army is looking for active protection systems for its T-90S / SK tanks
    6. Portugal is looking for an active protection system for Leopard 2A6 tanks
    7. General Dynamics and MBDA create an Overwatch tank destroyer with long-range missiles
    8. "It will be faster "Armata": what new tank is being worked on in Russia
    9. Promising infantry fighting vehicles for the US Army
    10. Proposals for a new competition for a promising BMP for the US Army
    11. The successors of the Czech and Slovak BMP are ready for testing
    12. India wants to purchase 350 light tanks for operations in extreme conditions 40
    13. Lynx BMP, Franco-German tank and industrial agreements between Italy and Germany
    14. Upgraded BMP-1 with BM "Spear" and a new stabilization system is undergoing factory tests
    15. Slovakia buys new tanks in addition to BMP
    16. Brazil chooses a wheeled tank for its army: Poles offer Rosomak, missiles – Ukrainian
    17. Two key areas of modernization of the BMP-1 from the Polish plant WZM
    18. The UK is looking for an option to turn the Boxer APC into an IFV
    19. Ukrainian heavy BMP "Babylon", with hybrid drive
    20. BTR-4 adapted for the Ukrainian Navy Marines
    21. The world is arming itself despite the crisis and pandemic
    22. Taiwan wants to buy 108 Abrams tanks in the USA: they will be the most expensive in the world
    23. French Leclerc tanks remain in service
    24. Chinese Type 59G tank in service with the Army of Chad
    25. T-72AMT in service with the AFU 86
    26. Lattice armor (review).
    27. Chinese tank builders decided to outshine the Russian Armata
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. ASCALON: French 140 mm cannon for European MGCS tank
    2. Nexter offers ASCALON for future armament of battle tanks
    3. Americans are going to create "smart" minefields
    4. The US will create new mines to destroy tanks
    5. Germany and the United States join forces to create long-range artillery
    6. CCMS-H anti-tank complex. New US Army Plans
    7. The US Army has announced requirements for a new anti-tank missile
    8. A new anti-tank missile for the US Army will use TOW launchers
    9. The German Armed Forces ordered an additional batch of Spike ATGM
    10. In Ukraine, they boasted of a new ATGM capable of piercing 1000 mm of armor
    11. Rostec will develop a new high-precision projectile
    12. Depleted uranium ammunition: history and consequences of use
    13. Simple Solution against Cheap Drones: Raytheon upgrades HELWA Laser System
    14. Cybernetic weapons of mass destruction
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Modern combined-arms bulletproof vests of the Russian army
    2. The BALAKTS-14 biomechanical system for carrying a ballistic shield was delivered from the SSB Defense Industry Directorate to the Turkish Gendarmerie
  4. New materials and technologies.
    1. FLIR Wins DARPA Contract to Develop Revolutionary Protective Fabrics for Biochemical Protection
    2. Innovative material: GRAFEN
    3. 22 billion for augmented reality from Microsoft. The Pentagon begins an information revolution in the US Army
    4. In Russia, they are going to produce an unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2
    5. The Estonian unmanned ground platform MILRAM THeMIS is already in service with 11 countries
    6. The American strategy of dominance in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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