Information collection No.152


(June 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. T-14 and T-95: comparison
    2. "Object 195" in 1/72 scale: this summer's novelty
    3. A European tank with weapons of the future? Germany is looking for partners
    4. "Tanks of the future": ten promising platforms were named in Europe
    5. Tank Bulwark fights for Egypt and Pakistan
    6. Ukrainian tanks for Pakistan
    7. Turkish Leopard tanks are equipped with additional protection of their own production
    8. T-72B3 with new upper hemisphere protection
    9. Assessment of the possibility of countering FGM-148 Javelin ATGM by means of optoelectronic countermeasures
    10. Upgraded T-72AMT for export
    11. Ariete tank – the worst tank of NATO countries
    12. India restarts FRCV Tank Development Program
    13. The Chinese Marine Corps received a modern light tank Type 15
    14. "The most modern BMP in the world": Bundeswehr on the new generation of armored vehicles "Puma"
    15. Borsuk BMP at the Dragon-21 exercises
    16. The production of the BBM "Boxer" for the British Armed Forces has begun
    17. British Ajax: a strange "beast" with many disadvantages
    18. New BMP-U from HCBM: there is technical documentation, but there is no money for a prototype
    19. Volat V-2 APC (MZKT-690003)
    20. How Russian armored vehicles proved themselves in Syria
    21. Commercial success and prospects of Mista Oncilla armored cars (Poland/Ukraine)
    22. Rostec has created a new ammunition to protect against high-precision weapons
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Roketsan company introduces a new guided mini-munition MAMA
    2. US Air Force sharply reduces purchases of short-range weapons
    3. ATGM "Pirate" attacks from above: new tests and questions for new weapons
    4. Sweden became the first foreign customer of the French ATGM MMP
    5. The new light ATGM Enforcer for the Bundeswehr
    6. NGO "Basalt" will create new ammunition for RPG-7
    7. Czech Republic buys ammunition for RPG-7
    8. Success factors of the RPG-7 grenade launcher
    9. The US Army has chosen the Israeli Rafael Samson combat module for arming Stryker armored personnel carriers
    10. TrueVelocity 6.8mm TVCM Cartridge: the possible future of the US Army
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. What awaits the Russian military equipment of the future
    2. Units of the US Air Force security forces received a new female body armor
  4. Robotics, UAVs
    1. KMW becomes a co-owner of the Estonian company Milram Robotics
    2. The number of countries that have submitted applications for the Russian Uranium-6 sapper complexes has been named
    3. UVZ has started the creation of prototypes of the heavy robot "Storm"
    4. What is behind the hype around the robotic tank "Storm"
    5. "Wall Street Journal" about Turkish Bayraktar TB2
    6. "Bayraktar TB2" UAV defeated Armenian "Tor" air defense systems
    7. What will Polish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs be armed with?
    8. Flying RPG-7
    9. Multiple launch drones
  5. New materials and technologies.
    1. "Aristide" - new Russian material from the future
    2. Why the US refuses to develop a railgun
    3. A new mobile anti-UAV complex has been demonstrated in Belarus
    4. New technologies for countering drones

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