Information collection No.153


(July 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Poland is preparing to buy Abrams tanks and form new armored units
    2. American tanks in Poland are designed to fight the Russian "Armata"
    3. "Abrams" on the approaches to the borders of the Russian Federation
    4. Abrams" did not become a panacea: Poland does not know what to do with the Soviet T-72 and PT-91
    5. "Abrams" is a false step forward for Poland
    6. Leopard 2PL tanks for the Polish Army
    7. Leclerc XLR: an Armata competitor or an attempt to catch up with Leopard
    8. Contract for serial modernization of French Leclerc tanks
    9. Leclerc tanks in combat
    10. Active Protection for Challenger 3
    11. Hungary uses hybrid active protection on its "Lunx" (Lynx) infantry fighting vehicles
    12. Tanks with protection from ammunition attacking from the upper hemisphere
    13. The killer of the American Javelin: how Russian tanks protect against guided missiles
    14. KAZ "Arena-E" and the fight against "Jewelins"
    15. Protective shell KAZ "Arena", KBM
    16. The future of KAZ Arena-M
    17. Russian tankers were put in cages
    18. Battle for T-64 upgrades as a transition tank
    19. What Ukrainian tanks lack: expert conclusions
    20. Protection of the T-80BVM tank: basic level, new components and development prospects
    21. Light tanks are becoming demanded again
    22. The Russian Federation is actively testing the Octopus-SDM1 light tank in the Black Sea
    23. Germany allocates a billion euros for the modernization of new Puma infantry fighting vehicles
    24. London may completely abandon the operation of Ajax armored vehicles of the new generation
    25. Too big to go bankrupt? The problem of the British Ajax program
    26. Tracked armored personnel carriers and IFVs on the Ascod platform from GDELS Austria
    27. Belarus showed a prototype of its own armored personnel carrier and subtly hinted at the rejection of the Russian "Boomerang"
    28. India plans to purchase 1,750 BMP
    29. Promising DZ, level 6+ armor among the new solutions to ensure survivability from Plasan
  2. Means of reconnaissance, weapons guidance. Disguise
    1. New camouflage of APU armored vehicles
    2. Israeli soldiers will become invisible to thermal imagers
    3. The subtleties of disguise in Israeli
    4. Israel, Turkey and Poland with Ukraine are relying on laser illumination of targets.panoramic sight is an important element, but it is not present in Russian tanks. What is the reason
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Europe and the US are working on new weapons for tanks
    2. France introduces improved OBPS for tank guns
    3. Sweden and France plan to develop a joint ATGM
    4. MBDA Enforcer missile system. Promising weapons for infantry and aviation
    5. USA conducts live firing of SPIKE SR missiles
    6. The US Army tested the Kongsberg M153 combat module on an unmanned vehicle
    7. AK-12 as Russia's response to the M4
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Rheinmetall presents the first complete concept of the "Soldier of the Future" of the Bundeswehr Army
    2. German "Fighter of the Future" enters the next generation
  5. BLAH. Robotics.
    1. Ukraine has created the first unmanned attack helicopter
    2. Ukrainians showed a mock-up of a stealth drone strike
    3. Russia launches Orion-E drone on the world market
    4. Russia is jealous of the Bayraktar TB2 effect and is looking for buyers for its Orion-E by deception
    5. A trap for "Bayraktars"
  6. New materials and technologies.
    1. At the Army-2021 forum, the operators of the scientific company will present a screen capable of protecting robotics from ionizing radiation

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