Information collection No.158


(December 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Top 100 defense companies in the world: Russia is losing ground, the United States dominates the $531 billion market
    2. Russia has denied SIPRI data on the reduction of arms exports
    3. Russian Armata T-14 tank against German Leopard
    4. Russian Armata tank vs American M-1 Abrams
    5. Compare the best Russian and the best American tank
    6. Javelin and Bayraktar vs T-72
    7. "Challenger-3" for the future battlefield
    8. K2 tank in variants for Poland and Norway.
    9. Egypt wants to produce South Korean K2 Black Panther tanks under license
    10. The Finnish army is upgrading its Leopards
    11. "Abrams" will be delivered to an unnamed country
    12. Poland is preparing to receive the first two companies of Abrams tanks that have covered the border with Belarus and the Russian Federation
    13. Polish weapons for the Polish Army
    14. The US will test the Ukrainian-made T-84 tank
    15. The T-90M "Breakthrough" tanks may receive active protection complexes in the future
    16. The vague future of the Russian BBM "Kurganets-25"
    17. Why are Russian Boomerang armored vehicles being delayed
    18. Boomerang vs BTR-4
    19. Russia has unveiled an improved version of its new armored personnel carrier
    20. Germany is modernizing its 50-year-old BMP. And Poland can't
    21. German BMP with new generation missile defense
    22. China has started supplying 44 Type 15 tanks to Bangladesh
    23. Bangladesh Ground Forces became the first export customer of Chinese VT5 light tanks
    24. Russia will take part in the Indian tender for the supply of light tanks
    25. A mechanized brigade of the Czech Army does not make sense without modern tanks
    26. HCBM again disrupts the supply of new BTR-4 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  2. Means of intelligence. Disguise.
    1. Military equipment will receive the "skin" of a chameleon
    2. Rostec prematurely delivered a batch of ammunition to the troops to protect against high-precision weapons
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. MBDA delivered the 1000th MMP missile to the Ministry of the Armed Forces of France
    2. France wants to double the pace of production and supply of anti-tank missiles
    3. The Polish company Mezco is ready to produce a new ATGM Spike-LR 2
    4. SPIKE LR2 ATGM is now available for Brazil
    5. How many Javelin ATGMs have the USA transferred to Ukraine
    6. Ukrainian-made missiles have entered the South Asian market
    7. Russia has focused on laser guidance
    8. The new multipurpose XM-1147. One shell to replace four
    9. New anti-tank mine PTM-1 R
    10. Small-sized grenade launchers
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. MKU, supplier of body armor for the Indian Army, at Milipol Paris 2021
    2. United Shield International introduces Modular Body Armor Systems
    3. Russia has developed a unique bulletproof helmet-a gas mask with a sensor of toxic substances
    4. NFM presents the new THOR unloading system at Milipol Paris 2021
  5. Robotics, UAVs and the fight against them.
    1. Rheinmetall showed its new "robotic tank"
    2. UK may purchase Bayraktar TB2 UAV
    3. Iraq has allocated $100 million for the purchase of Bayraktar TB2 SIHA
    4. Ukraine will assemble Turkish UAVs larger than Bayraktars
    5. A potential revolution in the world of shock UAVs
    6. Barrage ammunition of Turkey, Poland and Ukraine
    7. Nammo from Norway has installed the RPG M72 LAW on the throne
  6. New materials and technologies.
    1. The US Army plans to launch the first Bradley hybrid electric BMP in January 2022.
    2. Problems and advantages of electrification of land vehicles
    3. At the Yantar plant, they showed a 40-mm armor plate for large amphibious ships of the Navy
    4. Obninsk "Technology" improves the production process of aviation glazing
    5. What is known about the new Russian combat laser "Peresvet"

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