Stages of the path

The Research Institute of Steel was established in 1942 as an organization for the development of tank armor. Today, JSC "Research Institute of Steel" is the main enterprise in Russia for materials and structures for the protection of weapons and military equipment of the ground forces, which develops complexes of armor, dynamic, electromagnetic, anti-radiation protection, protection against high-precision weapons by means of reducing visibility. The Institute creates new armor and composite materials, produces a wide range of personal protective equipment: bulletproof vests, helmets, etc. Our products are supplied to many foreign countries.

The main advantage of the Steel Research Institute is its vertically integrated structure, which includes research and development units with a full production cycle. Such integration makes it possible to reduce the time from the beginning of development to the launch of a pilot series of products into operation. And the maximum concentration on competencies, where the institute occupies a leading place, allows you to create technical solutions that are largely ahead of their time and lay the further vector of development of weapons protection complexes. The Institute pays great attention to scientific research, primarily in the field of materials science.

Armor steels and composites based on ceramics and high-modulus polyethylene, aluminum and titanium armor, materials that protect against ionizing radiation and flame retardant materials - these are just a small list of materials science problems that the Steel Research Institute is working on today.

It is the new materials that allow the institute to move forward and create unique protection complexes for the next generations for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies of the country. The experience gained over decades of successful work allows the Research Institute of Steel to offer consumers products that best meet modern challenges posed by both the changing nature of combat operations and the increasing terrorist threat.

Year Stage of the development path
1942 Welding of T-34 tank armor in conditions of large-scale production.
1943 Improving the quality of engine parts, suspension, tracks.
1948 Development of technology for automatic welding of tank hulls and turrets T-10, T-54 with large diameter electrodes.
1949 Development of cast armor steel SBL-1, SBL-2, MBL-1 for T-55, T-62 tank turrets.
1951 Introduction of bulletproof steel 54P, which does not require low tempering after welding.
1954 Implementation of the process of high-performance automatic welding with an adjustable three-phase arc. Introduction of the technology of casting tank turrets in coquille.
1959 Full-scale tests of T-54, T-55, T-10 M tanks under the influence of nuclear weapons. Development and implementation of the world's first anti-atomic protection for tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.
1962 Development of the world's first combined protection with anti-cumulative. filler for the T-64 tank.
1964 Introduction of heat-resistant alloy 7M for turbine blades of the T-64 tank engine and development of rotor welding technology.
1967 Development of aluminum welded armor ABT-101, BAT-102 for BMD-2 and BMP-3 and steel armor of ultra-high strength with TMO BT-70 for BMP-2.
1969 Manufacture of torsion suspension for Lunokhod-1.
1971 Development of the first domestic bulletproof vests for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Development of camouflage deforming staining schemes for armored vehicles and the Cape RPMs.
1973 Successful testing of the world's first prototypes of active protection "Fan" and "NITROGEN" for tanks.
1974 Introduction of new technologies: ESP, DIZ, TMO (ESP - electroslag remelting, DIZ - differential isothermal hardening, TMO - thermomechanical processing).
1975 Development and manufacture of protection for the sarcophagi of V. Lenin, G. Dimitrov and Ho Chi Minh.
1979 Development, organization of production and mass delivery to the troops of the first domestic bulletproof vests 6B2, 6B3TM.
1980 Introduction of a family of rationally alloyed armor steels 21, 24, 21SH, 22SH, 24SH.
1982 Development and adoption of the mounted complex DZ "Kontakt-1" for T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80 tanks.
1983 Introduction of ultra-high-strength sheet steel 44 for bulletproof vests.
1985 Development and organization of production of the first domestic armored ceramics for bulletproof vests and production of bulletproof vests 6B4 and 6B5 with ceramics.
1986 Development of bulletproof vests for M.S. Gorbachev and R. M. Gorbacheva. Development of anti-radiation protection for equipment and personnel working on the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident.
1987 Development and adoption of a universal dynamic protection complex of the built-in type "Contact-5".
1989 Work on the missile defense of Najibullah's palace. Development of a welded-rolled turret for T-72 and T-80 tanks.
1991 Design and manufacture of the first domestic high-security storage for the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Development and production of the first domestic electric shocks.
1995 Development of GOST standards for armored clothing and creation of a system of certification of protective equipment.
1996 Development and start of serial production of combined titanium helmets of a high level of protection for special forces of the FSB.
1999 Development and adoption of the first domestic 6B7 fabric polymer helmets.
2000 Development and export delivery of the DZ complex for BMP-3.
2002 Development and adoption of a new generation of bulletproof vests 6B11 and 6B12 and helmets 6B 14, 6 B 6, SS-5.
2005 Adoption of a new complex of universal DZ modular type "Relict".
2006 Delivery to the MO of a family of helmets of the new generation 6B26, 6B27, 6B28.
2008 Delivery of the first set of computer training programs for the T-90 tank to a foreign customer.
2009 Development of a family of highly protected armored vehicles "Bear" for the army.
2010 Development of armor protection for the family of armored vehicles of universal purpose "Typhoon".
2011 Development of a protection complex for upgraded T-90 MS tanks.
2013 Development of a new helmet manufacturing technology in the 6B27 and Altyn configurations made of high-modulus polyethylene.
2014 Development and supply of protection for Ural-V armored vehicles
Development of an original methodology for the study of new armor materials
Development of a new armored steel grade 44S-Sv-Sh for the creation of armored vehicles
Development of a special fire-resistant structure for the Onezhets 300VG forest fire tractor
2015 Creation and implementation of new protective complexes for the line of advanced armored vehicles - Armata, Kurganets, Boomerang, including: DZ "Monolith", new steel 44S-sv-Sh, SAMZ, KZVP, KSSZ.
2017-2019 Modernization of protection of serial armored vehicles (T-90MS, T-72B3, BMD-4, BMP-3).
2018 The organization of serial production of the dynamic protection element 4C23 and the release of the first batch of these elements for the DZ "Relict" complex on T-72B3 tanks.

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