Armored helmet "ELBRUS-T"

  • Durability of the armor helmet: Br2.

  • Fortitude took away: Br1.

  • Area, 14,0 - 11,6.

  • The area of the visor, 5.

  • Weight of the visor, kg: 1,2.

  • Durable titanium case
  • High resistance to fragments of natural crushing
  • Weight at the level of a composite helmet
  • Minimal injury beyond the barrier due to the use of shock absorbers made of the latest materials
  • Available in 3 versions

"Elbrus-T" is a modern titanium armor helmet. It is made of a stamped dome with a composite support and a welded shell made of high-strength titanium alloy.

The combination of the original design and modern materials makes it possible to make a helmet of a large area, 14 m2, with a mass at the level of fully composite armor helmets. At the same time, the titanium case has significant advantages in strength, rigidity, low post-barrier injury, protection from ricocheting bullets and their fragments, as well as small fragments.

Studies have shown that the titanium case dulls the sharp edges of fragments of natural crushing (from grenades, VOG, mortar mines and other ammunition), which ensure their high penetration through fully composite helmets.

Parameters of armor helmets Execution A (full pruning) Execution B (medium pruning) Version B (deep pruning)
Area, 14,0 12,2 11,6
Weight without visor, kg 2,1 1,8 1,6
The area of the visor, 5
Weight of the visor, kg 1,2
Weight with visor, kg 3,3 3,0 2,8
Durability of the armor helmet Бр2
Fortitude took away Бр1
The ability to install active headphones Да Нет Да

Anti-shatter protection level V50:

  • on a ball weighing 1 g – 560 m/s
  • by fragments of natural crushing weighing 0.55 g- 630 m/s

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