Bulletproof vests of the "COLLECTION" series

  • Total protection area: 36,5 – 54,6.

  • Enhanced ZHVO: 15,0 – 17,0.

  • Sides: 8,1 – 12,9.

  • Collection-2A, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: С1.

  • Collection-2A, weight, kg: 4,7 – 6,2.

Bulletproof vests "Collection" provide circular protection of a person from being hit by bullets of firearms cartridges.

Designed for open wearing.

They consist of two modules with protective elements. Each module includes a protective screen, a removable case and an armored panel, which is located in the outer pocket of the case.

The models are connected on the shoulders and sides by an adjustable fastening system, which, combined with the presence of six height sizes, ensures an accurate fit of the body armor to the figure.

Table of conditional height dimensions:

Indicator Conditional size
1 2 3 4 5 6
Chest circumference, cm 96-100 96-104 100-108 108-116 128-132 136-140
Height, cm До 176 176-182 176-188 182-188 182-188 182-188

Main Features

Model Protection class according to GOST 34286-2017 Weight (depending on the height size), kg
Collection-2A (From 1) 4,7 – 6,2
Collection-3 (Br3) 6,1 – 7,9
Collection-4 (Br4) 9,5 - 10

The protective shield of all modifications is made of high-molecular polyethylene and provides a level of protection of Br1 over all areas, including the sides.

Armored panels:

  • for Collection-2A – combined UHMWPE or UHMWPE + titanium;
  • for Collection-3 – UHMWPE;
  • for Collection-4 – ceramic based on corundum.

Each bulletproof vest is equipped with a transport bag.

At the request of the customer, the complete set of the bulletproof vest can include a ZIP, an individual and replaceable case, as well as a bulletproof vest can be made with pockets on the outer cover and hinged pockets.

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