The protective set of the sapper "DOUBLOON"

  • Total protection area: 217

  • The protection area is reinforced: up to 69

  • Weight: 14.0 – 40.2 kg.


The sapper kit is designed to perform reconnaissance and mine clearance work.

It has 4 configuration options, differing in the level of protection.


  • Visor with front screen
  • Climatic damping support
  • Jacket with collar and removable sleeves
  • Unloading system
  • Apron
  • Foot guards
  • Mittens

Minimum level without armor elements (all over the area – circular protection of the trunk and frontal protection of the head, limbs):

  • PMN-2 from a distance of 1 m;
  • A standard fragment (a ball weighing 1.05 g) with V50 = 450...550 m/s.

Maximum level with titanium armor elements (reinforced area – frontal protection of the head, torso and limbs):

  • AKM and AK-74 bullets;
  • A standard fragment with V50 = 620...1000 m/s.

Can be completed:

  • Protective titanium helmet (without visor), V50 = 650...750 m/s.
  • A mask with increased visibility and a glass cleaning device

Accepted for supply by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It is made to order on the terms of 100% prepayment

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