Explosion-proof fuel tanks

  • Tensile strength: 20 МПа.

  • Elongation at tension: 400 %.

  • Resistance to tearing: 60 кН/м.

  • Shore Hardness: 65 ед.

  • Apparent density: 27-32 кг/м3.

  • Cell Size: 2-5 мм.

  • Loss of useful tank volume: 1-3%.

  • Fuel retention: 2,2%.

Fire and explosion safety of tanks, any containers with fuel are provided by special treatment of their outer surface and inner volume according to the technology developed by the Research Institute of Steel


Foaming type coatings based on chloroprene rubbers (paintwork of the OVR brand) or based on polyvinyl chloride (plastic of the SMOG brand) are used


  • tensile strength 20 MPa
  • elongation at tension 400 %
  • tear resistance 60 kN/m
  • Shore hardness 65 units.

Provides complete tightening of holes with a diameter of up to 15 mm after penetration or damage


  • apparent density 27-32 kg/m3
  • cell size 2-5 mm
  • loss of useful tank volume 1-3%
  • fuel retention 2.2%

As a filler are used: polyurethane foams such as PU-EO-100 or foil materials. There is a Eurasian patent No. 000356 dated 03.06.97 .

EXPLOSION-PROOF FUEL TANKS are made to order on the terms of 100% prepayment

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