JSC "Research Institute of Steel" at the Spartakiad "MOSPROM" 2020


From February 26 to September 19, the teams and employees of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" participated in the MOSPROM 2020 Sports Contest held by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow.

JSC "Research Institute of Steel" participated in the Spartakiad:

  • Skibin Denis Sergeevich,
  • Fedotov Alexey Sergeevich,
  • Fedotov Egor Zinaddinovich,
  • Petrov Alexander Sergeevich,
  • Sergey V. Ivanov,
  • Burdin Maxim Viktorovich,
  • Carro Elena Viktorovna,
  • Loktev Ivan Igorevich,
  • Panferov Vasily Alexandrovich.
  • Akramov Anatoly Tugienovich,
  • Shishkov Denis Nikolaevich,
  • Konstantin Dmitrievich Ivanov,
  • Laptinov Yuri Evgenievich,
  • Bugaev Alexander Mikhailovich.

The administration and the trade union committee of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" express their sincere gratitude to the participants for their active participation in the sports life of the institute, for their tremendous efforts, perseverance and will to win.

We wish you new achievements and success!

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