The first meeting of the Institute's directorate with the management of the management company LLC Perspektiva was held at JSC "Research Institute of Steel"


At the end of 2019, JSC "Research Institute of Steel" came under the management of LLC "Perspektiva" and on February 7, 2020, the first meeting of the management of LLC "Perspektiva" with the director's corps of the Institute took place.

The purpose of the meeting is not only to get acquainted with the institute, but, most importantly, to evaluate the results of its work in 2019 and outline ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business. The positive tone of the meeting was set by the General Director of LLC Perspektiva A.V. Lushnikov, who noted that the main task of the management company is not to review the existing competencies of JSC "Research Institute of Steel", but to search for targeted management tasks, the implementation of which will allow the institute to strengthen its position in the market of equipment and personnel protection. He noted that science today can hardly count on much help from the state, therefore, it is necessary to earn for scientific developments conducted by the "Research Institute of Steel" and without which the institute has no future.

At the meeting, the floor was given to all the directors of JSC "Research Institute of Steel", who not only reported on the results of their directorates' work in 2019 and plans for the near future, but were able to voice pressing problems and give suggestions for possible solutions.

The results of the meeting were summed up by the chief R&D specialist of Perspektiva LLC S.P. Kashirin.

He once again stressed that today it is impossible to count on the state's help in increasing the financing of science and the main guidelines for a scientific institute should be earning money, reducing costs, increasing efficiency. The Research Institute of Steel has a high potential and in many areas the institute has clear prospects that allow it to become a leader in the field of protection. This is the main goal and we must fight for it. The fact that the meeting was not held for show and was not of a formal nature is indicated by the fact that it lasted seven hours, dozens of questions were asked by both sides, and all the speeches of the participants were listened to.

As a result of the meeting, a protocol was prepared, the operative part of which reflects the instructions to the heads of both JSC "Research Institute of Steel" and LLC "Perspektiva" to solve urgent tasks.

At the end of the meeting, a round table was held on the topic "Goals, objectives and key performance indicators of the head", which was held by the Director of Personnel Management of Perspektiva LLC S.I. Senin.

After such a Round Table, every manager, willy-nilly, should think about how much he corresponds to the image of an effective manager.

The format of the initiated interaction between LLC Perspektiva and JSC Research Institute of Steel suggests that such meetings will become traditional.

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