Powder coating

JSC "Research Institute of Steel" provides services for powder coating of metal products. Dimensions of the polymerization chamber 3000x1200x2500 mm

Powder painting is carried out in full accordance with the established technology

Powder coating of products is carried out with surface preparation, including degreasing, phosphating, passivation, acid etching of corrosion and other steps as necessary.

We work according to the world's leading catalogs and with various structures: gloss, matte, shagreen, metallic, antique, hammer, "crocodile skin", etc. We select the optimal solution for painting materials, depending on the operating conditions and quality requirements of the painted products. We carry out quality control of surface preparation and product painting at all stages.

Advantages of powder coating technology

  • The surface is resistant to abrasives, chemical solvents and impacts
  • Protection from any atmospheric precipitation 
  • A wide variety of color shades that do not fade with time
  • Attractive surface texture after painting
  • The operational life of the coating is up to 50 years

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