Electronic catalog of parts and assembly units

Designed to simplify logistical tasks, quickly form an application for the purchase of spare parts and study the design of the product.


  • the efficiency of searching for the necessary information on the product and its components,
  • compactness,
  • interactivity.

Main features:

  • structured presentation of information about the product and its components in accordance with the composition of the product;
  • interactive two-way communication of illustrations and catalog specifications;
  • prompt search of information in the catalog by various parameters (name, designation, material, mass, etc.);
  • automated formation of the order form for the supply of spare parts;
  • integration with other operational and repair documents.


  • high information content;
  • low updating costs;
  • compactness (the catalog for the product, as a rule, is placed on one CD-ROM);
  • cost reduction at the after-sales stages of the product life cycle.

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