Electronic operating manuals

Designed to simplify logistical tasks, quickly form an application for the purchase of spare parts and study the design of the product.

They allow you to visually present information on the order of use, maintenance and storage of the product.

The main features of the electronic manual:

  • convenient presentation of information on the arrangement, operation and repair of the component parts of the product and the product as a whole in the form of a tree structure in accordance with the requirements of the ESCD standards;
  • full-text search for information on all sections of the manual;
  • adding user notes to the sections of the manual;
  • the use of illustrations that have an interactive connection with the specification and the designations of the illustration positions indicated in the text of the manual;
  • display of multimedia information (audio, video, animations);
  • printing sections of the manual or the manual as a whole;
  • integration with other operational and repair documents.


  • Easy integration with any operational, repair and other technical documentation.
  • Quick and convenient information search.
  • High information content, accuracy and quality of information.

Variants of execution:

  • manuals developed on the basis of two-dimensional drawings and technical illustrations;
  • manuals using three-dimensional models;
  • manuals containing multimedia information illustrating the basic rules of operation, repair and principles of operation of products;
  • combined manuals containing various types of text, graphic and multimedia information.

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