Information collection No.139


(May 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Another step towards the European tank of the future
    2. Germany and France share the tank of the future
    3. Will the British reduce armored troops?
    4. Turkey upgrades 84 Leopard-2A4 tanks
    5. Medium tank Al Faw / Enigma. Simple modernization of the T-55 in Iraqi
    6. Medium tank "Type 15" for the PLA and for export
    7. What will be the next generation of tanks after the T-14 Armata
    8. The continuation of the modernization projects of the Czech army will be beneficial for the Czech industry
    9. Griffin III from General Dynamics is the only candidate for the OMFV program
    10. AMPV production readiness
    11. "Type-16" displaces tracked tanks
    12. Kurganets-25: "the dream of a grenade launcher" with significant advantages
    13. Discussion on the "Boomerang"
    14. An analog of the heavy Russian T-15 Armata BMP is being created in China
    15. Plans for the supply of military equipment to the Russian Ground Forces in 2020
    16. Successes of the Coalition-SV program: tracked self-propelled guns in the military, wheeled on trials
    17. Having no analogues in the world: what is the peculiarity of the Russian self-propelled gun "Coalition-SV"
    18. Spain has restarted the VCR program
    19. Our latest military equipment has been tested by combat
    20. History: A. A. Morozov's report on the NTS on T-74. May 26, 1972.
    21. The US again wants to sell the UAE 4569 armored vehicles of the MRAP class out of stock
  2. Means of reconnaissance and guidance. Disguise
    1. Russia has developed a material for masking military equipment under snowdrifts
    2. The Art of radar deception: invisibility cloaks for military equipment
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Javelin JV, a joint venture of American companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, received an order for $121.7 million for the production of Javelin ATGM.
    2. Weapons of the future – electronic warfare warheads
    3. The CHAMP project. The electromagnetic rocket is preparing for a series
    4. Build-up of anti-tank weapons in Poland
    5. XM1155: sniper projectile with a range of over 100 km
    6. ASELSAN develops smart tank ammunition
    7. How to turn old ammunition into high-precision weapons
    8. How the old ATGM was taught to overcome the "reactive armor"
    9. Are PLA anti-tank weapons capable of fighting modern armored vehicles?
    10. Will Chinese portable ATGMs cope with modern tanks?
    11. Order for Carl-Gustaf M4 from Latvia and Estonia
    12. Russia demonstrates a new generation of BOPS
    13. Advantages of a 40-mm armor-piercing feathered sub-caliber projectile according to Soviet armored targets
    14. The rifle is the engine of progress
    15. A new generation of weapons for separation. NGSW Program (USA)
    16. US Special Operations Forces will receive promising 6.8mm NGSW Small Arms Systems
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. The US Army is exploring the integration of flexible cables into tactical body armor
    2. Kit "Titan" for the "Soldier of the future" of the Polish army
    3. Russian military dressed in armor
    4. Polish company "Maskpol" improves universal army bulletproof vests
  5. Robotics
    1. Turkey will arm itself with "mini-tanks"
    2. The project of an unmanned tracked combat vehicle Type-X by the Estonian company Milram Robotics
  6. New materials and technologies
    1. Artificial intelligence and the future of maneuver warfare
    2. Severstal has developed two new steel grades for advanced armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers
    3. New US Army research in 3D printing
    4. Nanotechnology opens up new opportunities for researchers to improve the characteristics of individual armor protection

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