Information collection No.141


(July 2020)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Abrams with active protection system deployed in Europe
    2. I adapt Abrams for mass installation of KAZ
    3. Tank Market Leaders
    4. Development of modern OBT. Patterns and trends
    5. K2 "Black Panther", import substitution in Korean
    6. Poland's arms exports have plummeted: contracts with the United States and Ukraine do not save. And what about Ukraine?
    7. Will the British army go under the axe?
    8. Hungary began to accept Leopard tanks from Germany. What is their cost?
    9. Pakistan Army received new Al Khalid-1 tanks with Ukrainian "heart"
    10. Why didn't the Turkish Altay tank approach Pakistan
    11. How many tanks does China have?
    12. Turkish "modernized veteran" M60-TM: with Ukrainian technologies
    13. India is making its own Armata, although the Indian project is more like the Ukrainian Tirex
    14. Russia really wants to sell its newest T-14 tanks, but who is ready to buy them?
    15. Restarting the OMFV program. Pentagon Accepts applications for M2 Bradley replacement
    16. CV90 MkIV - improved and upgraded version of the CV90 BMP
    17. Aluminum armor for combat vehicles
    18. New generation BMP for Singapore
    19. The British Army accepts the first six ARES armoured personnel carriers of the Ajax family
    20. South Korean Hanwha Group presented the AS21 Redback BMP for the Australian tender
    21. The development and delivery of armored vehicles on the ASCOD platform continues. The Spanish army will receive a new version in the version of an engineering vehicle
    22. Will Poland modernize its own BMP-1
    23. India in search of light tanks
  2. Means of reconnaissance and guidance. Disguise
    1. The US military will get a new disguise for armored vehicles
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. New main caliber of the US Army: digital 50 mm automatic cannon XM913
    2. Intelligent 35mm ATOM Ammunition
    3. A weapon of crushing power. (Interview with the General Director of the Central Research Institute "Burevestnik")
    4. Polish industry can participate in the development of a new generation of anti-tank weapons
    5. Why can certain types of weapons disappear?
    6. The first buyer of the Chinese equivalent of the Javelin ATGM became known
    7. Stryker will be able to fight drones
    8. Ukraine conducts comparative tests of combat modules for BMP-1
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Singapore Army tests exoskeleton from Mawashi Science and Technology
  5. New materials and technologies
    1. In Russia, an aircraft engine created on a 3D printer was tested
    2. Tests of Russian electromagnetic weapons
    3. Russian electromagnetic guns have increased the range of destruction
    4. Russia is working on the creation of directed energy weapons
    5. The Chinese army demonstrates prototypes of a railgun the size of a rifle
    6. The British are equipping Bradley with hybrid power plants

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