Information collection No.147


(January 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Active protection for "Abrams"
    2. The American company Leonardo DRS and the Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced the completion of the delivery of Trophy active protection systems for M1 Abrams
    3. The US Army urgently protected the M1 Abrams tanks with the Trophy Active Protection Complex
    4. Israel is strengthening its own tanks and armored personnel carriers with an improved KAZ Trophy system: M1 can also get an update
    5. KAZ "Trophy" - anti-missile shield for Merkava and Abrams tanks
    6. Will London join the next-generation European tank?
    7. The Armata tank has received an export permit
    8. Why was the Czech modernization of the T-72 more successful than the Soviet and Russian ones?
    9. Pitfalls of modernization of the T-64: when the pursuit of efficiency rests on reality
    10. The upgraded Indian tank Arjun MK-1A turned out to be the most expensive tank in the world
    11. Tank confrontation with the Russian Federation: how should Ukraine respond to the T-72B3, T-90M and Armata
    12. The tank that kills Ukrainian exports: how the VT-4 appeared in China
    13. Light tanks are returning
    14. The Warrior family of combat vehicles (Great Britain)
    15. GDELS offers the Czech army and industry a comprehensive and long-term project based on the ASCOD 42 platform
    16. Israel has found the first customer of a new light tank
    17. The main projects of new infantry fighting vehicles for the AFU
    18. Russia will present Boomerang combat vehicles abroad for the first time
    19. The Australian Ministry of Defense begins to evaluate armored vehicles intended to replace the M-113AS4
    20. Sweden is modernizing its armored troops
    21. Leopard 2A4 - modernization and new developments
    22. Platforma-O is the main failure of the Russian military automotive industry
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Evolution of the OBPS
    2. What opportunities will the United States get thanks to the new multipurpose tank shell
    3. KATANA will compete with Excalibur
    4. 57mm AU-220M "Baikal": prospects of practical application in future wars
    5. The Turkish company Aselsan will supply Qatar with Serdar combat modules with the Ukrainian ATGM "Skif"
    6. Commercial negotiations on a cannon for ZSSW towers
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Combat equipment of the soldiers of the future "Centurion"
    2. Chinese "armor": expectations and reality
    3. New military equipment will be developed in the Moscow region
    4. From 2021, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to purchase new bulletproof vests created according to NATO standards
    5. Polaris Solutions and a new disguise for AOI soldiers
  4. New materials and technologies
    1. Composite instead of aluminum
    2. In Russia, they created a tank armor made of wire
    3. Studies of Phenylon C2 parts for pivoting devices of remotely controlled combat modules
    4. "Supernite" will protect Russian soldiers from bullets and shrapnel
    5. Flexible active camouflage based on hydrogel is demonstrated
    6. Scientists have found a way to create self-assembled Kevlar nanofilms that are stronger than steel

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