Information collection No.151


(May 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. German Leopard 2A7A1 tanks with Trophy active protection system will be transferred to NATO forces
    2. Active protection for BTR Striker
    3. Active protection system for Lynx BMP
    4. Challenger 3 program. Modernization contract and future plans
    5. Australia wants to buy M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams tanks
    6. Why the US Army's Abrams remains one of the most dangerous tanks in the world
    7. The M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams tank completed the "cold" tests
    8. Armata – problems 2020
    9. MPF light tank from BAE Systems: how to "revive" a 30-year-old project and how it is better than Griffin
    10. A Korean company offered India a K21-105 light tank
    11. In Russia, 20 years ago, they created a "light tank" - a variant of the BTR-90 with a 100-mm cannon
    12. An opportunity for the Russian "Octopus" to become a light tank for India
    13. India has decided on the characteristics of a light tank
    14. The US will sell off Strikers in the version of fire support vehicles
    15. Vietnamese T-54/55 tanks have been upgraded
    16. The problem of Soviet technology in NATO countries
    17. The UK will refuse to upgrade the BMP Warrior
    18. Algeria upgrades BMP-1/2
    19. Czech Republic replaces BMP-2: the choice between CV90, Ascod and Lynx KF41 has come to the final
    20. The Pentagon risks being left without new infantry fighting vehicles
    21. A new version of the Boxer armored personnel carrier
    22. New tracked armored personnel carriers AMPV go to the troops
    23. Poland orders modernization of the BRM-1K: why there was no replacement for Soviet cars
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. The UK is building a new anti-tank defense: the developments of the 90s and 2000s do not match the threats
    2. Armament for the MAUS tank. Plans and proposals
    3. The new universal projectile M1147 for Abrams went into series
    4. "Spike" instead of Abrams for the US Marine Corps
    5. The Australian Army has begun combat tests of the Carl-Gustaf M4 RPG
    6. Turkey has completed the development of a new lightweight portable ATGM "Karaoke"
    7. NIMI will present new tank shots with an armor-piercing sub-caliber projectile
    8. The first launch of the MMR ATGM from the Jaguar armored personnel carrier
    9. Roketsan has launched serial production of directed energy weapons ALKA
    10. New Russian modular pistols
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. The new landing helmet "TOR-D" has been tested by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    2. Units of the US Air Force security forces received a new female body armor
  4. Robotics, WAS
    1. How is the global market of attack drones divided
    2. The US is preparing drones for a big war
    3. The US Army will soon have a new generation of tactical drones
  5. New materials and technologies.
    1. The US Army allocates 600 thousand dollars for research and development in the field of energy
    2. Energy Symposium on Directed Energy Weapons
    3. The Pentagon divides all military programs into 5 categories
    4. Rubber tracks for the Australian BMP Redback
    5. Rubber-reinforced tracks for future equipment of the US Army

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