Information collection No.154


(August 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. The 70-ton Abrams with a 140-mm cannon was the answer to the Hammer tank
    2. The UK is starting to modernize its tanks or how the Ukrainian "Crab" program can be compared with Challenger 3
    3. The new Leopard 2AX will "lose weight", get a new tower and a new DZ
    4. A multi-year program of modernization of the armored forces of Poland has been published
    5. Poland has seriously taken up the strengthening of its tank troops
    6. Poland's transition to a tank with a caliber of 130 mm and other gun ambitions
    7. The number of tanks in Poland should be significantly increased
    8. The armor is strong, but I also want flexibility
    9. How do Russian tank builders see the prospects of the tank
    10. The problem of increasing the cost of tanks
    11. Modernization of the T-64BM2 "Bulat" or "Crab": which ways were chosen at the KHBTZ and KHKBM
    12. Modernization of Ukrainian T-64 tanks by replacing a 120-mm cannon - all the "pitfalls"
    13. Preparation for countering the "Javelins" in the Donbas. How effective are the simplest IR traps
    14. A new upgraded T-72 main battle tank is demonstrated at a military parade in Iraq
    15. Pakistan Army masters Chinese VT-4
    16. Kuwait received the first M1A2K Abrams tank
    17. BM of the new generation demonstrate their combat capabilities
    18. An example of the modernization of the Turkish M60 should force to put active protection on the APC and MT-LB
    19. Rosomak armored personnel carrier - development prospects
    20. APC PARS IV at IDEF 2021
    21. IDEF-2021 exhibition opened in Turkey
    22. The US will create prototypes of reconnaissance vehicles for the Marine Corps
    23. What Ukrinnmash offersto replace the BMP-1
    24. New heavy armored personnel carrier "Pereg" (Israel)
    25. LuWa: new armored vehicles for German paratroopers
    26. Armored vehicles with additional booking on the basis of the Russian Armed Forces in Tajikistan
  2. Means of destruction. Ammunition.
    1. In the Russian troops, an urgent replacement of the ATGM "Competition" with the "Cornet" 105 has begun
    2. Several thousand Stugna anti-tank missiles have been delivered to Algeria from Ukraine
    3. In Ukraine, the development of a 30-mm "infantry weapon" capable of "disorienting the enemy" has begun
    4. Turkish weapons for infantry fighting vehicles at IDEF 2021
    5. The British Army increases the caliber of small arms
    6. Kalashnikov is preparing to release a multi-caliber machine gun
  3. BLAH. Robotics.
    1. Is there a remedy against drones
    2. The Americans will develop an anti-drone microwave emitter
    3. Firing tests of combat robots have begun in the USA
    4. Interview with the CEO of the Kronstadt company Sergey Bogatikov
    5. Why Ukraine is critically lagging behind in the creation of combat drones
    6. In Ukraine, EW was applied to the Bayraktar TB2 UAV
  4. New materials and technologies.
    1. Cummins has signed a contract for $87 million to complete the development of a promising Advanced Combat Engine (ACE)
    2. Michelin Tweel Airless Tires for the US Army
    3. The Americans tested an armored personnel carrier with a 50 kilowatt laser
    4. eLRV Program: Electric vehicle for U.S. Army Intelligence

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