Information collection No.155


(September 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. What will the US armored forces look like in a decade?
    2. Chalendger III tank at the London DSEi 2021 exhibition.
    3. A British industrial group is demonstrating a new missile defense for armored vehicles.
    4. New versions of Polish Leopard-2 tanks.
    5. Leopard-2A5 on MSPO-2021 in a new version.
    6. India continues to experiment with replacing the T-90 with new tanks of its own production.
    7. The Italian C1 Ariete tank was equipped with a Centauro-2 wheeled turret.
    8. The German Army began receiving Leopard 2A7V tanks.
    9. They wanted to install Ukrainian "Barrier" and "Knife" on the Belarusian T-72 "Vityaz".
    10. Poland will deploy 250 American tanks on the border with Belarus.
    11. Degradation of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    12. Why the United States will not receive a new Oplot tank from Ukraine in any way.
    13. How Ukrainian and Russian tanks are advertised.
    14. JSC "Research Institute of Steel" presented DZ complexes of the fourth generation.
    15. Lattice screens to cover the T-72B3 from the Javelins. Questionable effectiveness while maintaining a threat to the crews.
    16. Russian tanks were protected by "coke ovens".
    17. The T-90 tank will undergo a major modernization.
    18. South Korea has solved the problems with the running "Black Panther".
    19. The Indians are looking for a new light tank.
    20. Serbia has developed a new light tank that can be armed with a 122-mm or 105-mm cannon.
    21. Turkey sells Kaplan tanks to Indonesia.
    22. Three proposals in the Czech program about the successor of the BVP-2 (BMP-2).
    23. BAE Systems has demonstrated a new turret for the CV-90 BMP.
    24. The B-19 combat vehicle, its advantages and prospects.
    25. Against Puma and Strayker: Russia wants to use the BMP-3 with a 57-mm cannon.
    26. Ukrainian BMP-1 with Spis tower on parade.
    27. "Floating" BTR-4 of Ukraine and Russian combat vehicles for the Marine Corps.
    28. In what Russian armored personnel carriers lag behind foreign ones, for example, from Ukraine and China.
    29. Reliable protection of the Afghan armored personnel carrier "Rosomak".
    30. With and without a hood: a relapse of the Russian automotive industry.
    31. SE "SVTF" Progress " presents its ceramic-polymer composite armor panels at the MSPO-2021 exhibition in Poland.
  2. Means of intelligence. Disguise
    1. Adaptive camouflage "Cuttlefish" ("Cuttlefish").
    2. The Americans presented a small and cheap radar with AFAR.
    3. New orders for 154 million: NV-B night vision devices.
    4. Rostec ammunition for protection against high-precision weapons has been adopted.
    5. Tosochka will receive protection from high-precision weapons.
  3. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. Equipment "Centurion" can be equipped with optical devices.
    2. Active exoskeleton from Tsniitochmash and its prospects.
    3. Russia has created an exoskeleton with an engine for soldiers of the future.
  4. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. Serbia assesses the possibility of buying ATGM "Spike-LR2.
    2. ATGM "Pirate" for cars and robots.
    3. Preliminary tests of a prototype of a light multipurpose grenade launcher complex have been conducted in Belarus.
    4. The US Army is testing intelligent anti-tank mines.
    5. The Kalashnikov Concern is developing a new small arms based on the use of neural networks.
    6. Why did the US military switch from 7.62 mm caliber to 5.56 mm.
  5. Robotics. LAPD.
    1. In Turkey, Russian drones were evaluated.
    2. The Europeans have agreed to create an unmanned "tank".
  6. New materials and technologies.
    1. The Pentagon has begun developing mobile nuclear reactors for the military.
    2. The British are investing in energy weapons.
    3. The DIM-SHARED combat laser is being tested.
    4. 50 ESMA electric armored personnel carriers from MAKE for the Turkish army.

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