Information collection No.156


(September 2021)

  1. Armored vehicles. Protection.
    1. Scheme of installation of KAZ "Trophy" on "Abrams" 3
    2. Czech active defense of combat vehicles 5
    3. Altai – the result of technology transfer from Korea 9
    4. The Turkish Navy company is in crisis, and the production of the Altay tank remains in uncertainty
    5. The deadlines for the completion of state tests of the T-14 Armata tank have been named.
    6. Serbia showed a modernized M-84 tank 19
    7. To what extent does the T-72B3 tank meet the requirements of the main tank of the Russian army
    8. Obstacles to upgrading the T-64 to the Crab version 26
    9. Ukroboronprom cannot yet import more than 3,000 components 33
    10. Ukroboronprom confirmed the transfer of the Oplot tank to the United States.
    11. The Ukrainian T-72 project for Iran: a tower from the T-80UD and a 1000-horsepower engine
    12. Production and problems of the K2 Black Panther tank (South Korea) 41
    13. Pakistan has adopted the Chinese VT-4 47 tank
    14. Kazakhstan is ready to adopt a new multi-purpose armored vehicle "Barys 8x8"
    15. Sweden is preparing for ground battles with the Russian army, and has begun restoring its meager fleet of tanks
    16. Shielded armored vehicles at the exercise "Combat Brotherhood 2021" 52
    17. "Ajah" at the crossroads.
    18. For more than 10 years, not a single Ajax 61 BMP has been put into service
    19. Rheinmetall upgrades Puma BMP for NATO's VJTF 2023 Advanced Rapid Response Unit
    20. Schedule for the implementation of the Borsuk BMP and Leopard-2A5 modernization program
    21. Final proposals for a competition for a promising infantry fighting vehicle for the US Army
    22. Slovakia is actively looking for new combat vehicles
    23. BTR-V2 - a new generation of armored vehicles
    24. Serbian Lazar III armored personnel carrier received Russian combat modules
    25. Russian superbroneviki "Typhoon" and their competitors
    26. A prototype of the upgraded BMP-1 at the MSPO 2021 exhibition
  2. Means of intelligence. Disguise
    1. Combat vehicles of the Russian army will receive a chameleon coating
  3. Means of destruction. Ammunition
    1. How the developers of the world are looking for optimal ways to enhance the potential of infantry on the battlefield
    2. Iran produces the most modern ATGM
    3. Hunting for armored vehicles
    4. When will the Barrier-S be adopted and what will be the new grenade launcher
    5. Rheinmetall at IDET 2021: not only Lynx for the Czech Republic
    6. The new TORRE 40 tower for the BMP from the Slovak company EVPU
    7. Trends in the development of self-propelled artillery and promising samples
    8. How to arm snipers of the Russian army
    9. Promising microwave sniper rifle has passed state tests
    10. 14.5mm rifles TRX, "Alligator" and "Monomakh" from the Ukrainian company "HADO"
    11. For the new generation QBZ191 rifle, China used a 5.8x42 mm cartridge because of its superiority over Soviet and NATO analogues.
    12. No bulletproof vest will protect you from this weapon
  4. Personal armor protection equipment
    1. New Ulbrichts ballistic helmets and innovative technical equipment for special forces
    2. The US Army evaluates the capabilities of the IVAS network during experiments to modernize network technologies for the Infantryman of the future
  5. Robots, UAVs and means of combating them
    1. Hero-120 Kamikaze Drones for the USMC
    2. Multi-purpose EMIEW Robot for the US Marine Corps
    3. Anti-drone guns are already on the front line
    4. American Marines will test smart sights
    5. New materials and technologies
    6. Forecast of the market of armor materials and technologies until 2029.
    7. Rostec has received a license for serial 3D printing of airline components
    8. Technodinamika creates ammunition with the help of "digital doubles"
    9. The first nuclear mini-reactor for the US Air Force

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