Testing and certification

Russian Testing Center at JSC "Research Institute of Steel"

Certificate of accreditation: No. RA.RU.22CZ07

Certificate of accreditation: No. RA.RU.22CZ07

Scope of accreditation:

  • Armored doors and metal structures;
  • Materials for armor protection;
  • Self-defense weapons;
  • Radiation protection equipment;
  • Personal armor protection equipment;
  • Armored structures of vehicles;
  • Protective glasses.

Center for testing of protective Equipment

The Center for testing protective equipment at JSC "Research Institute of Steel" provides a full cycle of testing of any materials and protective structures for anti-discharge, bulletproof and anti-shatter resistance.

The modernization of the test center has allowed an order of magnitude increase in the quantity and quality of test results provided to the customer.

Measuring equipment allows you to record the speed of the indentors (bullet, splinter, projectile) in each experiment with an error of no more than 0.1%.

Ballistic installations provide testing:

  • For bulletproof and shatterproof resistance according to GOST R50744-95, NU 0101.06 at standard and reduced speeds;
  • For anti-projectile resistance from shells of caliber up to 57 mm;
  • For resistance from high-speed fragments weighing from 1 to 3 g. and speeds over 2000 m/ s.

The new climate chambers allow air conditioning of large-sized objects with the function of humidity and temperature control in the range of ± 50 ° C.

To obtain more complete information about the tests, remote monitoring equipment for the process is installed at the bulletproof test stand. Video information from video cameras is recorded in real time and displayed on a monitor installed in the visitors' room.

Scope of accreditation:

Name of the object Defined characteristic (indicator)
Personal protective equipment: Body armor and body armor Goggles Protective head and face protection Bullet resistance under normal climatic conditions and after exposure to low and high temperature and moisture. Resistance to the effects of cold weapons. Anti-shatter resistance
Armored structures of vehicles: Special purpose wagons other self-propelled armored combat vehicles Other welded steel cylinders for liquefied petroleum gases Ships military Helicopters passenger helicopters cargo planes with an empty equipment weight of over 15,000 kg Space vehicles Other space launch vehicles Bullet resistance Anti-shatter resistance Resistance to dynamic influences
Protective glasses: Safety tempered glass (stalinite) Safety glass multilayer Double-glazed windows for ground transport Double-glazed windows Bullet resistance. Anti-shatter resistance. Resistance to dynamic influences
Armored doors and metal structures: Doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors made of metal Buildings prefabricated metal tanks, tanks, tanks and similar containers (except containers for compressed or liquefied gases) made of cast iron, steel or aluminum, with a capacity of more than 300 liters, without mechanical or thermal equipment Bullet resistance. Anti-shatter resistance. Resistance to dynamic influences
Materials for armor protection: Plates and sheets of aluminum cord fabrics made of high-strength polyamide fiber Hot-rolled sheet rolled from other alloy steels, without additional processing, with a width of at least 600 mm Artificial corundum Other mineral non-metallic products, not included in other groupings Plates, sheets, strips and tapes titanium Bullet resistance. Anti-shatter resistance. Resistance to dynamic influences
Ready-made fabrics with a mass fraction of polyamide fibers of at least 85% Harsh fabrics made of synthetic complex yarns Ready-made fabrics with a mass fraction of synthetic complex yarns, including fabrics made of monofilaments, ribbon and similar yarns, not less than 85 %


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