Modification 2

  • Weight of the chair: from 13 kg.

  • Materials used: not supporting gorenje.

  • Heated seat: yes.

  • Folding footrest: yes.

  • Folding seat cushion: yes.

  • Seat cushion with shock absorption system: yes.

The complex of energy absorbing elements of the chair

Reusable and disposable energy-absorbing elements are used in the design of the chair. The combination of such elements makes it possible to reduce the impact load on the human spine when driving over rough terrain, when detonating explosive devices and with secondary impacts when landing a vehicle from a height of throwing an explosive wave.

The simultaneous use of energy–absorbing elements of different types and different properties in the design makes it possible to improve the characteristics of energy absorption, reduce the difference in the critical impact of explosion energy on passengers of different weights (from 78 kg – a man without equipment, up to 150 kg - a large man in full equipment).

Certification tests for compliance with UNECE Regulations No. 14-07 (with regard to seat belt attachment points) and No. 17-08 (with regard to seats, their fastenings and head restraints) have been successfully carried out in categories: M1, M1G, M2, M2G, M3, M3G, N2, N2G, N3, N3G.

12 explosions of samples of cotton wool with installed seats were carried out. The mass of the charge reached 10 kg of explosives in the fuel cell.

Tests have shown that the overload values on the seat cushion of the energy-absorbing chair are 2.5-5 times lower than the maximum permissible.

These tests confirmed the reliability and strength of the energy-absorbing chair developed by JSC "Research Institute of Steel".

  • The weight of the chair - from 13kg;
  • Materials that do not support gorenje are used.;
  • Modular design of the chair, adaptable to various models of WAT and BTW;
  • 3-level shock energy absorption system*;
  • A reliable mechanism for vertical movement of the chair that does not depend on the level of pollution, climatic conditions and has an unambiguous logic of assembly;
  • Maintenance-free energy-absorbing elements of the chair;
  • 4-point seat belts;
  • Headrest with developed lateral support;
  • Unloading cushion for body armor on the back of the chair;
  • Seat cushion with shock absorption system*;
  • Heated seat*;
  • Folding seat cushion;
  • Folding footrest*.

* fully equipped

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