Body armor of the executive class "STYLE"

  • Protection area, total, dm2 VIP style: 27,0 – 34,5.

  • Protection area, total, dm2 Style M: 26,4 – 33,0.

  • Protection area, reinforced, dm2: 15 – 17.

  • Weight, kg VIP style: 2,3 – 2,8.

  • Weight, kg Style M: 2,4 – 2,9.

Lightweight representative bulletproof vests of a new generation with the possibility of concealed wearing under clothing.

The design of the vests is designed specifically for everyday wear, does not hinder movement when driving a car, shooting from personal weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

The materials from which the vest is made, its design provide maximum convenience and concealment of wearing even under light clothing.

Ventilation of the subcutaneous space is provided by a special climatic shock-absorbing support, which reduces the post-barrier injury to

safe level

The basis of the general circular and enhanced protection of vital organs from pistol and revolver bullets are modern soft armored structures made of woven and non-woven materials.

The outer cover is made of wear-resistant fabric with a hygienic certificate. To clean the case, the protective elements are easily removed from it.

The outer cover can be made of fabric of any color.

General protection is performed according to Br1 GOST 34286-2017 or II (NIJ 0101.06).

It is available in 4 standard sizes and in two versions with equal protective characteristics, but with different protective structures that allow you to choose the most suitable option.

VIP Style Style M
Material of the protective structure The protective structure is made of a combination of special ballistic fabrics based on aramid fibers. The protective structure is made of high-molecular polyethylene.
Features It has maximum flexibility, which ensures maximum secrecy of use and comfort of wearing. Lower price.
Protection area, total, dm2 27,0 – 34,5 26,4 – 33,0
Protection area, reinforced, dm2 15 – 17
Weight, kg 2,3 – 2,8 2,4 – 2,9

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