Bulletproof vests of the "NEW GENERATION" series

  • Protection class: Br1/C2 and Br3/Br4/Br5.

  • Protection area, sq. dm, not less: от 15 до 44.

  • Sizes: I - 48-54, II - 56-58, III - 60-62.

  • Colour: sand, olive, blue, black, camouflage.

Version for body armor for the armed forces, private security companies

  • The design of the bulletproof vest ensures the placement of armor panels in the front and rear sections.
  • The ability to adjust the position of armor protection, relative to vital organs, for a specific set of clothes, without removing the bulletproof vest.
  • The fastex of the shoulder strap makes it convenient to put on and take off the bulletproof vest.
  • Quick-release fasteners of the front modular panel ensure prompt placement on the bulletproof vest.
  • A panel with a contact tape for attaching identification marks is provided on the front and rear sections of the body armor.
  • It is possible to install additional armor protection modules.
  • It is possible to install a CAP.

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