Bulletproof vests of the UBJ series

  • Model UBJ-2, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: Бр2.

  • Model UBJ-3, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: Бр3.

  • Model UBJ-4, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: Бр4.

  • Protection area, Total: 52,6-62,9.

  • Protection area, Reinforced: 14,9-19,9.

  • Protection area, Sides and groin: 10,8-12,1.

  • Mass of UBJ-2: 8,3-10,1.

  • Mass of UBJ-3: 10,7-13,3.

  • Mass of UBJ-4: 12,8-16,2.

The universal fabric module allows the use of armor elements for Br2, Br3 and Br4 protection class. Armor elements are placed in special

the pockets of the fabric module and, if necessary, are easily replaced, which allows you to form a bulletproof vest suitable for the operating conditions.

It is available in three conditional growth sizes:

Conditional size Size attribute
Body armor Protective yoke Chest circumference, cm Height, cm
1 1 96-104 170-176
2 2 104-108 182-188
3 112-120 182-188

"UBJ" is a unified armor set, within the framework of a single design, it allows you to vary the level of protection from Br2 to Br4 GOST 34286-2017 with the possibility of differentiating protection (chest-back, sides, neck-shoulder area, groin). The complete set of armored reinforcement elements is possible in any combination. This allows you to adapt the armor kit to the operating conditions as much as possible.

The armor set consists of a bulletproof vest reinforced with armor elements, a protective bulletproof vest and groin protection, which are removable. The body armor case is equipped with a universal modular transport and combat system for the placement of wearable equipment.


Model, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017 Weight (depending on the height size), kg
UBJ-2 (Br 2) 8,3-10,1
UBJ-3 (Br 3) 10,7-13,3
UBJ-4 (Br 4) 12,8-16,2

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