Bulletproof vests rescue series "FLOAT"

  • Float-2, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: Бр2.

  • Float-2, anti-shatter resistance: V50=500 м/с.

  • Float-2, weight, kg: 3,5.

  • Float-2, protection area, sq.dm.: / 14.

  • Float-3, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: Бр3.

  • Float-3, anti-shatter resistance: V50=750 м/с.

  • Float-4, protection class according to GOST 34286-2017: Бр4.

Bulletproof vests of the Float series are designed for units of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and fish inspectors.

Bulletproof vests have a buoyancy reserve of 16-20 kg, which meets the requirements of the Navy and GOST 22336-77.

Ensures that a person weighing up to 120 kg is kept afloat.

The differentiated distribution of lifting force and a special collar keep a person on the surface in a safe position – face up.

Protective structure – titanium or steel armor elements.

Available in three versions.

Float-2 Float-3 Float-4
Protection class according to GOST 34286-2017 Бр2 Бр3 Бр4
Anti-shatter resistance V50=500 м/с V50=750 м/с V50=750 м/с
Weight, kg 3,5 5,2 7,5
Protection area, sq.dm. (general / reinforced) - / 14 - / 14 23,5 / 11,5

It is made to order on the terms of 100% prepayment

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