Protective blanket "AEGIS"

  • Aegis, speed V50%, m/sec: At least 450.

  • Aegis, area, 200.

  • Aegis, overall dimensions, mm: 1000х2000.

  • Aegis-1, speed V50%, m/sec: At least 450.

The protective blanket is designed to protect against fragmentation and secondary explosion factors and provides both individual protection of a person and local protection when closing door and window openings with a blanket, etc.

It is a multi-layer package of soft (flexible) protective structure based on high-strength ballistic aramid fabric that provides anti-shatter protection. The version of the product depends on the type of fabric used.

The package is placed in an external (non-removable) case made of a material with increased abrasion resistance. The color of the cover is selected at the request of the customer.

The design features of the blanket allow:

  • Compactly fold it during transportation;
  • Quickly deploy for mobile application.;
  • Use for individual protection of a person, as well as for local protection when closing passages, window and door openings of premises and vehicles.

The protective characteristics of the product, the area, dimensions and weight of the product must correspond to the data specified in the table:

Variants of execution Speed V50%, m/sec Area, Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg
"Aegis" At least 450 200 1000х2000 8,4 +/- 0,4
"Aegis-1" At least 450 200 1000х2000 9,4 +/- 0,4

The product retains its operational properties at temperature differences from -40 ° C to + 40 ° C.

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