Representative of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" among the laureates of the national award "Golden Idea"


On December 16, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the XX anniversary competition for the annual National award "Golden Idea" in the field of military-technical cooperation took place at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Among the laureates, the representative of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" is the head of the Dynamic protection Department Dorokhov Nikolay Sergeevich. He was awarded the prize "For his personal contribution to ensuring the fulfillment of export contracts for the supply of dynamic tank protection elements".

This award is a well-deserved assessment of N.S. Dorokhov's activities in the field of military-technical cooperation. Under his leadership, a number of contracts were executed with 14 foreign countries, under which more than half a million dynamic protection elements of several types were manufactured and shipped to customers.

N.S.Dorokhov pays great attention to the development of new remote sensing complexes in the interests of the Russian armed forces. So, with his participation, the production of DZ 4C23 elements was launched into a series, which as part of the Relict complex began to be installed en masse on T-90MS, T-72B3 and Terminator BMPT tanks, the production of DZ containers for protecting the side projections of the T-72B3 and T-80 tanks was developed and organized, interdepartmental and state tests of the DZ complex for the BMP-3, work continues on the DZ of the next generations based on new energy materials that are part of the protection of promising armored vehicles.

The staff of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" congratulates N.S. Dorokhov on this well-deserved award.

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