The Research Institute of Steel is ready to fulfill the State Defense Order


At the beginning of October this year, JSC "Research Institute of Steel" under the leadership of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation O.I. Bochkarev held a working meeting to review the state of the scientific and technical base of the Institute and its readiness to fulfill the future State Defense Order. The meeting was attended by managers and specialists of JSC "Research Institute of Steel", as well as the first persons of the management company LLC "Perspektiva". Before the meeting, the participants went through all production sites, assessing their workload and opportunities to increase the volume of products.

One of the first questions O. Bochkarev asked the management of the "Research Institute of Steel" is whether the institute retains competence after the change of ownership. In the report of the executive director A.A.Korzhenevsky, it was clearly shown that no competence of the "Research Institute of Steel" has been lost, moreover, the management company LLC Perspektiva initiated a number of investment projects in the field of protection, which are currently being successfully implemented.

The main issue discussed at the meeting was the issue of increasing the level of protection of domestic models of VIVT and equipment, primarily through the development of new materials and structures based on them. O.I. Bochkarev was informed about the state of domestic armor materials science, it was emphasized that the issue of combining the efforts of a number of enterprises in the direction of developing new armored materials and organizing their specialized production was overdue.

The decision taken at the end of the meeting allows us to hope that the problems considered will finally receive an impetus for development and armored materials science will take its rightful place in R&D to improve the security of VIVT.

At the test center of JSC "Research Institute of Steel" at the stand for modeling the interaction of striking elements of the impact core type with protective structures

At the site of explosive tests. In this chamber, the elements of dynamic protection are tested with real anti-tank grenades

In the machine shop O. Bochkarev was interested in the lattice protection, which is installed on the T-90 MS tower

In the unit where bulletproof vests are sewn

The tour of the "Research Institute of Steel" ended in the insertion hall, where samples of serial products of the institute are presented

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