High-strength titanium alloys

Titanium alloys developed by the Research Institute of Steel, first of all, were intended for critical parts of the chassis of combat vehicles. The use of titanium provided a significant reduction in the weight of these parts and the fulfillment of the specified technical specifications for the machine. Balancers of supporting rollers and fingers of tracked tracks, cranks of tension mechanisms and suspension brackets - this is not a complete list of parts made of high-strength titanium alloys. For armor purposes, the Research Institute of Steel uses high-strength α and β-alloys with a strength level of 800-900 MPa. These alloys are used for the production of high-level assault helmets and elite body armor. Today, with the development of new alloys based on secondary titanium and the reduction in this regard of the cost of the new material, there is a real possibility of using titanium in the armor protection structures of tanks and LBM.

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