Multimedia classrooms

One of the effective ways to improve the quality of education. The main functional elements of the UKM are: the teacher's workplace, the student's workplace and the information database.

The software module of the student's workplace provides:

  • fast movement through the data structure of the training complex;
  • visual representation of information in the form of high-quality interactive graphics and animation;
  • getting additional information related to the content of classes.

The information database contains:

  • list of classes according to the training program;
  • text, graphic and multimedia data corresponding to the content of classes;
  • accounts of trainees, teachers, administrators;
  • the results of the assessment of the assimilation of knowledge by the trainees.


  • The use of UKM provides:
  • results of assessment of learners' knowledge acquisition;
  • increase the effectiveness of training by 50% and reduce the cost of it.

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